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Becoming a RiverSmart Homeowner


There are two ways you can apply for enrollment in the RiverSmart Homes program: 

A DDOE inspector will then contact you to schedule an audit for your property. It could be up to 3-5 months before you are contacted by DDOE, because of the high volume of interest in this program.

Have a Site Audit Conducted

DDOE inspectors conduct audits to assess what landscape enhancement(s) – shade trees, rain barrels, BayScaping, rain gardens or pervious pavers – will be appropriate for your property. A DDOE inspector will come to your home at an appointed time, present an informational packet on the RiverSmart Homes program to you, and ask for a brief tour of your yard. The inspector will then walk your property on their own, taking down measurements and notes. You must be present at the property during the audit, which takes approximately one hour to complete. One to two weeks following the audit, you will receive the Inspector’s audit report of your property.

Let DDOE Know What Items from the Audit You Want Installed

Audit reports identify stormwater run-off points on your property, and recommend which RiverSmart Homes landscaping enhancement(s) you can choose to have installed in effort to reduce the stormwater run-off. After reviewing the audit, contact your inspector to let them know what landscaping you would like to have installed on your property. Again, DDOE will cover up to $1,200 per household for the total cost of an installation(s).

Have Landscaping Enhancements Installed

DDOE has partnered with local contractors to work directly with you to have your landscape enhancement(s) installed. The contractor will contact you to arrange the installation, and will collect the appropriate co-payment at the time of installation. Please note, you may choose to use a contractor not partnered with DDOE. In this situation, you must tell DDOE in advance so that DDOE can work with the contractor to make sure the installations are done properly. It will be between you and the contractor to work out payment arrangements. Only once the work is properly complete will DDOE provide a rebate to the contractor to offset the cost of installation.

Have a Final Site Visit

Once the RiverSmart Homes landscaping enhancements are completely installed, a DDOE Inspector will come back to meet with you, assess the installations, and discuss your RiverSmart Homes experience.

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