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Case Study - American Chemical Society

American Chemical Society 
2010 Mayor's Environmental Excellence Award Winner: 
Outstanding Achievement by a Large Facility

The American Chemical Society (ACS) Board of Directors and the Senior Management team have long supported sustainability efforts and American Chemical Society has made it a core mission objective to work on implementing sustainability best practices over the last 7 years.  In addition, they have engaged staff by encouraging participation in our sustainability effort such as recycling.  ACS has worked with their contractors to foster an understanding of their sustainability goals and partner to achieve them. 

The quest for sustainability has been a long, deliberate process that has taken "the village" to lead ACS to where they are now. Through their efforts they have achieved the prestigious USGBC gold certification for LEED Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance. They were the second building in the District to have achieved this certification and at certification one of only 40 in the country.

ACS Washington Sustainability Initiatives Implemented To Date:

  • 100% renewable energy certificates purchased which help offset 4.6 million lbs. of CO2 annually
  • Saved more than $60,000 in 2009 on energy costs
  • Energy Star certification for both buildings
  • Comprehensive recycling program-95% of waste and 100% of the electronic goods leaving the buildings are recycled
  • Silver/white reflective roof
  • Recycled carpet tiles
  • Low VOC paints
  • Automatic faucets/toilets/soap dispensers
  • Green cleaning program
  • Outdoor water sensors
  • Integrated pest management program instituted
  • Bicycle rack in garage-to encourage reduction in driving
  • Solar film installed on both buildings
  • Lighting replacement-energy efficient lighting installed
  • Office occupancy sensors-installed in every office
  • Heat pumps tied into lighting sensors
  • Light sensors in garages and stairwells
  • Domestic water pump on frequency drive
  • Conference rooms on separate BAS controls
  • Eliminated electric boiler in Othmer/use steam from headquarters to heat Othmer
  • Chiller plant and sequence
  • Heat load from Data Center (Hach) used to heat condenser loop in Othmer

In addition to the many initiatives mentioned above, ACS Green Chemistry Institute promotes the implementation of green chemistry and engineering principles into all aspects of the chemical enterprise. ACS has also engaged its staff to support the green mission by forming an ACS Greening Committee which consists of staff members from across the organization that continually come up with innovative sustainability initiatives that can be implemented Society wide.

(From left to right)
Joanna Brosnan, Director, Administrative and Customer Services Robert Powers, Chief Engineer
Stormy Gorham, Purchasing and Facilities Associate Larry Hartwell, Facilities Operations Manager

(From left to right) Cooling Tower Pulse Pure Chemical Free System,
USGBC LEED EB: O&M Gold Plaque and Energy Star Plaque

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