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Construction Site Inspections

Image of tall construction crane

All land disturbing activity unless specifically exempted from the soil erosion and sedimentation control regulations, require a building permit. After obtaining a building permit from the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (see link in Related Content), the owner/contractor is required to call the Inspection and Enforcement Branch at least 24 hours before the start of excavation or grading to schedule a pre-construction meeting or an initial site inspection.

Types of Inspections 

  • Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspection

Inspectors are authorized to conduct periodic inspections of all land disturbing activity at construction sites to ensure compliance with approved plans and to determine if the measures in the approved plans are providing effective control. Inspectors also conduct final inspections within four (4) weeks after receiving notice of project completion to ensure compliance with final stabilization as specified in the approved plan.

  • Storm Water Management Construction Inspection

Inspectors are authorized to conduct on-site inspections of all storm water management facilities constructed in the District of Columbia. Inspections are performed at different stages of construction as specified in the sequence of construction to ensure compliance with the approved plans. A pre-construction meeting is the first step in a storm water management facility inspection. At this meeting an inspection schedule and requirements are discussed.

The owner/contractor is responsible for notifying the Inspection and Enforcement Branch at least 24 hours before construction for pre-construction meeting and within one (1) week after completion of the facility for final inspection. The registered professional engineer with responsibility to certify the As-Built plan is required to submit the As-Built plan for the storm water management facility to the Branch within twenty-one (21) days after final inspection.Failure to comply with the requirements of the above requirement may result in denial of Certificate of Occupancy Permit.


Please call (202) 535-2977 for inspection scheduling and lodging complaints.  

Service Contact: 
Inspection and Enforcement Branch
Contact Phone: 
(202) 535-2977