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Green DC Agenda - City and Government Operations


Leading by example. Integrating conservation and sustainability practices across all government operations. Government will minimize its environmental impact from vehicle fleets, building construction, energy and water use, land management, and purchasing. More efficient government will save taxpayers money, support green actions by residents and businesses, and drive market transformation by harnessing its own green economic power.

Key Agenda Commitments

  • Revise planning reviews and zoning laws to be Healthy by Design—policies and programs that encourage active living and healthy eating by increasing access to healthy food, primary care facilities, walkable destinations and recreational opportunities.
  • Audit and report on green.dc.gov energy use and energy benchmarking results for all District buildings.
  • Create a green procurement website and expand resources to increase government-wide purchases of environmentally preferable products.
  • Rehabilitate and replace sewage pumping stations and complete other Phase I improvements to reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into the Anacostia, Rock Creek and Potomac River by 40 percent.
  • Convert waste to methane at the Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant to produce 10 megawatts of renewable energy, and reduce the carbon footprint of Blue Plains by approximately one-third.

Current Successes

  • Government electric customers have joined together to buy electricity at a reduced rate and purchase a minimum of 10 percent renewable energy.
  • Promote alternative work schedules and flexible commuting options for government employees.
  • Reduced the District's light vehicle fleet by 360 vehicles (17 percent).  All new light vehicle purchases will be alternative fuel vehicles or hybrid vehicles.
  • Using “smart route” GIS mapping technology to plan more efficient trash, recycling, and bulk waste collections.
  • Developed an Environmental Preferable Purchasing (EPP) specification library for commonly used items such as paint, solvents, and janitorial products to allow agencies to easily find more environmentally friendly products.
  • Innovative DC Fleet Share motor pool system uses the Zipcar model to reduce fleet size and enhance access for government workers.
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