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Green DC Agenda - Parks and Natural Areas


Enhanced natural spaces, waterways, and urban parks, protected for future generations. Parks and green areas will feature a healthy tree canopy and be free of trash, graffiti, pollution, invasive growth, and disrepair. Trails, fields, and courts will be expanded and improved to promote physical and emotional well-being of residents across the city. The District’s forests, wetlands, and river habitats will be restored and protected for the benefit of wildlife and for the education and enjoyment of residents.

Key Agenda Commitments

  • Rehabilitate or construct new sewer and stormwater infrastructure in stream valleys and park land including Watts Branch, Pope Branch and Oxon Run to eliminate accidental sewer discharges and manage stormwater to reduce erosion and protect wildlife habitat.
  • Establish a citywide urban tree canopy goal and implementation plan that identifies funding for tree planting and maintenance projects to restore the District’s historic tree cover.
  • Implement recommendations of the joint District/Federal CapitalSpace initiative to protect, restore, and improve District and federal parklands across the city.
  • Complete the Anacostia Trails network as part of the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative to provide bicycle and pedestrian access along both shores of the river with improved bridge connections.

Current Successes

  • Repopulating local shad fish populations by hatching and releasing fry in the Anacostia River and upstream areas of Rock Creek.
  • All recreational fields are treated with fertilizers that are at least 50 percent controlled release nitrogen. No phosphorous is applied unless soil tests specifically identify a deficiency.
  • All new park irrigation systems feature sub-surface drip irrigation on fields and common areas to reduce water use.
  • All new lighted sports fields will feature computer controlled, high efficiency lighting technology to conserve energy.
  • Installing raingardens, bioswales, and other stormwater management techniques to manage pollution on parkland and in the public space.
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