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DC Works Ep.9: Developing Top Talent to Create Change 
March 16, 2018
Richard D. ("Rick") Maher, Vice President and General Manager of Maher & Maher joins Director Donald on the DC Works Podcast to discuss workforce system transformation and how employees are the driving factor behind agency transformations. Additionally, they discuss inspirational leadership and inspiring residents and employees to perform their best. 

DC Works Ep.8: The Power of Mentorship and Music
March 16, 2018
Jeffery Tribble Jr., Founder and CEO of The Musicianship joins the DC Works Podcast to discuss connecting youth to opportunities in the District. Mr. Tribble and Director Donald chat carving out career pathways for youth in fields that interest them, reaching youth where they are at and leveraging like-minded mentors to teach them. 

DC Works Ep.7: Unemployment Insurance, A Social Safety Net
March 16, 2018
Anna Hui, Director of the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations for the State of Missouri joins the DC Works Podcast to discuss the benefits and myths surrounding unemployment insurance. Seen as a social safety net, unemployment insurance is one way in which employers and the government work together to ensure all citizens are working toward re-employment after losing a job at no fault of their own. Ms. Hui and Director Donald discuss issues surrounding unemployment, common misconceptions the public may have about the system and the value of UI. 

DC Works Ep. 6: Energy and Infrastructure. Creating High Demand, High Earning Careers
March 7, 2018
The infrastructure industry continues to shape the economy and the American workforce. David M. Velazquez, President and CEO of Pepco Holdings joins the DC Works Podcast to discuss infrastructure in the District and the nation. During the chat, Director Donald and Mr. Velazquez discuss what Pepco is doing to meet the demands and growth of the industry and how public-private partnerships like the DC Infrastructure Academy is preparing residents to be on the forefront of these high-demand, high-earning career paths.

DC Works Podcast Ep.5:#BEENBOSS - Working on Changing the World
February 28, 2018
Natalie Cofield, founder of Walker’s Legacy, joins the DC Works podcast for a rousing discussion on how women, specifically millennial women, can utilize their personal prowess to achieve personal success as well as work with government agencies to achieve professional goals. Additionally, Director Donald and Ms. Cofield discuss ways in which the community can connect with agencies to bring about change and create movement in our communities.

DC Works Ep. 4: From Here to There, How Investment in Transit is an Investment in the Economy
February 7, 2018
Mr. Ferdinand L. Risco Jr. of the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) joins the podcast for a discussion on how transit and public transportation is shaping the American workforce and economic development. Transportation is a means of employment and creates a great economic return. Every year, 1.1 million jobs are created and sustained because of public transportation and it is looked at as a driver for economic growth, infrastructure development, and employment.

DC Works Ep. 3: Federal Funds, Local Impact: How the Federal Budget Will Impact The DC Workforce System
January 31, 2018
Ron Painter, CEO of the National Association of Workforce Boards, joins the program this Wednesday to discuss national trends in workforce, and his thoughts on how the federal budget will impact both the local and national workforce system as well as hoe the District is implementing groundbreaking programs. Discover the connection between the education system and the workforce system and how funding for both systems is crucial for overall economic development in the U.S., as well as the role that NAWB plays in ensuring that the workforce system has a voice in policy development. 

DC Works Ep. 2: Building Strong Partnerships Between Government and Business
January 24, 2018
Public and private partnerships are one of the ways in which cities, like Washington, DC, are creating impactful programs that get residents working. This episode features an interview with Thomas Penny, President of Donohoe Hospitality Services. Mr. Penny shares his story of how he rose up in the hospitality industry and the importance of building partnerships between the government and business sector.

DC Works Ep. 1: How DC is Winning the National Workforce Race
January 17, 2018 
Scott Sanders, Exec. Director of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, joins the program to discuss ways in which the District of Columbia has been succeeding at implementing national workforce programs. Mr. Sanders also shares his view about current trends in the national workforce system and opportunities he has seen DC flourish at when it comes to workforce development.