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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

DOES/DSI is seeking qualified non-profits organizations (with 501 (c) (3) status) to assist a minimum of 300 unemployed residents in securing and retaining gainful unsubsidized employment. Grantees will be responsible for outreach and recruitment---with the goal being identification of unemployed residents ready and able to engage in regular full-time employment; however, facing at least one or more of the following barriers:
    •    Lack of consistent work history
    •    Criminal background
    •    Substance abuse history
Services offered under this model must be comprehensive in nature and include the following: skills and educational assessment; evaluation of personal/professional challenges; coordination of required supportive services; career counseling and guidance (around hiring industries); job search assistance including resume development, interview preparation/follow-up, assistance with application completion and submission, and job referrals; case management and coaching; follow up and job retention counseling. Grantee must also establish a retention bonus process whereby those placed in employment are awarded bonuses for remaining employed for specified periods of time.
Services to be delivered should be outlined in individual employment plans guiding each job seeker through the preparation process.
In addition, to further enhance resident employability and job retention, grantees may offer digital literacy, financial and credit counseling—including establishing individual development accounts (IDAs) with savings matches, assistance in criminal record expungement, and establishment of and connection with a program alumni network.