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Apprenticeship Council

What is the DC Apprenticeship Council?

The DC Apprenticeship Council was established by Public Law 387 in the 79th Congress on May 21, 1946. It is one of the 27 State Apprenticeship Councils. It is a regulatory board comprised of 11 members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the DC City Council.

The Apprenticeship Council membership includes three (3) representatives from employer organizations, three (3) representatives from employee organizations, three (3) public representatives, who are not members of either employee or employer organizations and two (2) representatives of government, who shall be the Mayor of the District of Columbia and the Superintendent of Schools or their respective delegates.

The current DC Apprenticeship Council members are as follows:

Public Representatives

  • Fred Howell, Chairperson
  • Ramon Kibler
  • Vacant

Employer Representatives

  • William Dean
  • John Xanthos
  • Vacant

Employee Representatives

  • Leroy Watson
  • Valet Carter
  • Thomas Blanton

Government Representatives

  • Craig English – Superintendent’s Delegate

What are the functions of the DC Apprenticeship Council?

The DC Apprenticeship Council performs the following functions:

  • Approves apprenticeship standards that meet minimum basic standards of regulations.
  • Ensures compliance of Affirmative Action Plans associated with apprenticeship standards.
  • Acts as second level of appeal for complaints of apprentices.
  • Deregisters apprenticeship programs not in compliance with local and federal apprenticeship regulations.
  • Assists in educating the community to apprenticeship.
  • Formulates policies for the effective administration of apprenticeship programs.

The DC Office of Apprenticeship, Information and Training staff is the secretariat to the DC Apprenticeship Council. Some of the functions the Apprenticeship Office performs are as follow:

  • Acts as first level of apprentice complaints.
  • Provides technical assistance to employers and unions in developing appropriate apprenticeship standards.
  • Conducts compliance reviews of apprenticeship programs to ensure adherence of affirmative action during employment and training of apprenticeships.
  • Investigates complaints from apprentices and provides assistance in reaching a resolution.
  • Conducts workforce site analysis of employers applying for apprenticeship registration.

DC Apprenticeship Council Meeting Minutes

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