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August 2013 Monthly Board Meeting

Last Date:

Monthly board meeting of District of Columbia Public Employee Relations Board. 

Cases to be heard:

  • 03-U-38
  • 05-U-07
  • 05-U-14
  • 05-U-15
  • 09-U-19
  • 11-U-22
  • 11-U-34
  • 11-U-36
  • 11-U-45
  • 12-U-30*
  • 13-A-07
  • 13-U-34
  • 13-U-36

Additional matters to be heard:

  • 13-I-03/ 13-I-04
  • 13-U-24


* May not be ready to be heard by the Board this month.


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