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About the DC Office of Paid Family Leave

The DC Office of Paid Family Leave (OPFL) at the DC Department of Employment Services (DOES) is working with employers and residents to support the implementation of Paid Family Leave and to ensure our communities are a meaningful part of the process.

We are:

  • Engaging with the employer and worker communities
  • Developing an infrastructure to manage the benefit for employers and workers
  • Learning from other states that have Paid Family Leave programs
  • Managing rulemaking and public input

For Employers

Private sector employers in the District began paying a 0.62% tax on July 1, 2019 to fund the paid-leave benefit. The Paid Family Leave tax is 100% employer-funded and may not be deducted from a worker's paycheck.

Electronic contributions should be submitted through ESSP. For more information on submitting payments, visit the Resources section of our microsite at

For Workers

Who is eligible for Paid Family Leave?

You are eligible for Paid Family Leave benefits if you:

  • Spend more than 50% of your time working in DC. Eligible workers must spend a majority of their time working the District—including teleworking or telecommuting—for a covered employer, and must have completed that work during the year prior to needing leave.
  • Are self-employed and have opted into the Paid Family Leave program. Individuals who have earned self-employment income for work performed more than 50% of the time in DC during the year prior to needing leave are eligible for the benefit.
  • Are employed when you apply for the benefit. Your wages must have been reported by your covered employer in order for you to be eligible for the benefit. If you are receiving unemployment compensation benefits, you are not eligible for Paid Family Leave.
  • Meet specifications as a temporary or seasonal worker. These specifications depend on when your employer reports wages and when you need the benefit.

For more information, visit the Paid Family Leave microsite at


The Office of Paid Family Leave is committed to meaningful and ongoing community engagement as the program is developed and launched. To learn more about our community engagement opportunities view our events page at You can also request an Information Session with the Office of Paid Family Leave.