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UI Tax for Employers

On January 5, 2020, the Maximum Weekly Benefit Amount in the District of Columbia increased to $444 for new initial claims. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

All inquiries and requests for the DOES UI Tax Division should be emailed to [email protected]. 

Please see below for a detailed listing of inquiry and/or request types and associated ATTNs for submissions to the [email protected] mailbox:

[email protected] – ATTN: STATUS UNIT – The Status Unit’s primary function is to determine employer liability for UI Tax purposes, ensure that new employers are successfully registered in the UI Tax database and to maintain/update general account related information for existing employers.

  • Power of Attorney (POA);
  • Employer Registration Navigation
  • Account Closures/Terminations
  • Account Reactivations
  • Employer Entity Types
  • 501(c)(3) Organizations
  • UI Tax Liability
  • Tax Rates
  • Experience Transfers
  • Employer Acquisition, Merger and/or Purchase Agreements
  • Employer Filing Schedules
  • General UI Tax Laws

[email protected] – ATTN: ACCOUNTING UNIT – The Accounting Unit performs daily transactions on existing employer accounts to ensure that each account record accurately reflects all wage reports filed, adjustments made and any amounts due or received by the employer.

  • Employer Account Statements/Billing Notices
  • Wage Report/Wage Adjustment Inquiries
    • Out-of-State Wage Adjustments* - All Out-of-State Wage Adjustment Requests should be sent to [email protected].
  • UC-30/UC-30H Blank Form Requests
  • Employer Account Balance Inquiries
  • Penalty Waiver Requests
  • Refund Requests

[email protected] – ATTN: ESSP SUPPORT TEAM – The ESSP Support Team provides technical based support for DOES’ Employer Self-Service Portal (ESSP).

  • ESSP Employer Account Access/Credential Requests
  • Reporting ESSP System Performance Issues– Technical Support
  • Registration Navigation - Technical Support
  • Employer Account Profile and Contact Information Updates/Corrections –Technical Support
  • Agent Assignment and uploading POA –Technical Support

Please note, failure to include the proper ATTN information in the subject line of your email inquiry/request may result in a delay in response from the UI Tax Division.


The following services are available for employers:


Contact the UI Tax Division:

(202) 698-7550
[email protected]