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Frequently Requested Contact Information

This list includes frequently requested contact information throughout the Office of Unemployment Compensation:



Telephone Number


Web site/Email Address


General Tax Information 202-698-7550
UI Tax Division – Registration 202-698-7550 [email protected]
UI Tax Division – Accounting 202-698-7550 [email protected]
Tax Division – Electronic Filing Instructions  
UI Benefits Division – General Information 202-724-7000
UI Benefits Division – Claims Information 202-724-7000
UI Benefits Division – Charge Protests 202-724-7000 [email protected]
Shared Work Unemployment Compensation Program   [email protected]
Wage and Hour Division 202-671-1880
Worker Compensation Division 202-671-1000
E verify (Worker Authorization) 800-791-1427
District of Columbia New Hire Reporting 202-671-1880
Office of Tax and Revenue Business Registration 202-727-4829
American Job Center – Headquarters 202-724-2337
American Job Center – Northeast 202-576-3092
American Job Center – Northwest 202-442-4577
American Job Center – Southeast 202-741-7747
Summer Youth Employment Program 202-698-3492
DOES Equal Employment Opportunity Program 202-671-0891  [email protected]
Office of Administrative Hearings 202-442-9094
DC Chamber of Commerce 202-347.7201
Shared Work Unemployment Compensation Program   [email protected]
SIDES 202-698-7522
[email protected]