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General UI Information

1099-G Tax Form Notice

If you believe someone filed and received Unemployment Compensation benefit payments under your name or Social Security Number (SSN) without your permission, you should not wait for a revised 1099-G form to file your taxes.

The IRS instructs any victim to move forward with filing their taxes, reporting only their true income and not fraudulent income reported in their name. The victim does not need to complete the additional form normally required by the IRS for reporting identity theft.

If you believe someone fraudulently filed an unemployment claim in your name  please follow the instructions for completing the Identity Theft Form.  You may also call the Unemployment Insurance (UI)  Fraud Hotline at 877-FRAUD-60.

For additional questions regarding Form 1099-G, please review our 1099-G FAQ.

If you receive a suspicious email from the DC Department of Employment Services or DC Networks, do not click the link and do not share any requested information. You can find more information and all of the ways District workers and employers can report and prevent fraud on our website HERE.

DOES is the only legitimate source of information for unemployment insurance claims. If you receive an email from an unknown sender, do not submit your personal information. DOES will report any fraudulent UI claim to the appropriate law enforcement authorities, including the U.S. Department of Labor, DC Office of the Inspector General, and will cooperate, as needed, in any investigations.

Our agency is committed to supporting claimants through benefits and workforce development opportunities for re-employment. DOES offers the following resources to DC residents:

  • American Job Center helps residents find a new job, transition into something new, expand their skills, or explore a new career.
  • DC Infrastructure Academy trains, screens, and recruits residents to fulfill the needs of the infrastructure industry and infrastructure jobs.
  • DC Career Connections is a work readiness program that provides out-of-school and unemployed young adults with opportunities to gain valuable work experience.
  • Project Empowerment provides unemployed residents with opportunities to grow in education, training, and subsidized employment placements.

Work Search Requirements

Everyone filing for unemployment benefits must verify they are actively looking for a job. After a claimant files to receive unemployment benefits, they must show that they are actively trying to find suitable employment. This requirement applies to active claimants. For more information and to apply for benefits, visit

Important Alert to District of Columbia Employers and Residents: Notice of E-Mail Identity Theft Scam

If you receive an e-mail that claims to be sent on behalf of the Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) with an email address ending in that requests information about a former employee, do not reply to the message and do not click the link in the message.
This appears to be an e-mail identity theft scam.
Neither the United States Department of Labor nor the Office of Unemployment Compensation at the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services sent the e-mail. The District of Columbia does not process DUA claims nor would either office request confidential information in this manner.
If you are an employer and responded to a request for employment or wage information from the Division of Unemployment Assistance or if you are a District resident and believe your identity has been compromised or stolen, please contact your local law enforcement agency.
The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) enforces the District of Columbia’s Consumer Protection Laws.  You can file a consumer protection complaint with the Office of the Attorney General at, e-mail the Office of the Attorney General at [email protected], or contact OAG at (202) 442-9828.
Visit the Office of the Attorney General at for additional resources on protecting the identity of your business and employees.