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Administrative Hearings Division FAQs

1. How do I file an application for a formal hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Administrative Hearings Division (AHD)?
Any claimant that is not satisfied with the decision of the Office of Workers’ Compensation, has the right to be heard before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at the AHD.

Applications for Formal hearing under the private sector compensation laws must file electronically at the AHD e-file portal.  The online system is relatively simple to navigate.  If you have any questions, contact the AHD at (202) 671-2233.

Upon receipt of a valid and complete Application for a Formal Hearing, an Administrative Law Judge will be assigned to the case and a Scheduling Order will be issued to the parties, both claimant and employer, that will set forth the time, date and location of the formal hearing, as well as any deadlines related to the proceeding.  All business before the AHD is conducted between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

2. What if I fail to comply with the AHD Scheduling Order?
Failure to comply with the Scheduling Order may be grounds for dismissal of the claimant’s Application for Formal Hearing.
3. What happens after the formal hearing?
At the conclusion of the proceeding, the Administrative Law Judge thoroughly reviews the documentary and testimonial evidence in the record and issues a written decision.  Once a final decision has been ruled upon, the judge may be required to rule on requests for the award of an attorney’s fee or a supplementary order declaring default.
4. What alternative does either party have if they are dissatisfied with the decision, known as the Compensation Order, issued by AHD?   
If either party is dissatisfied with a Compensation Order issued by AHD, the party has the right to file a request for review by the Compensation Review Board within 30 calendar days of the date the AHD decision was issued.   
5. How can I contact the AHD with a question regarding my case?
Contact the AHD via phone at (202) 671-2233.

6. Do I, as a claimant, need an attorney to request a formal hearing before the Administrative Hearings Division?
No, an attorney is required.  However, it is highly recommended that claimants do obtain legal counsel as the employer will be represented by counsel.
7. Where are the formal hearings conducted?
Because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, in the abundance of caution and following all of CDC and DC Department of Health guidelines, all AHD hearings are currently being conducted via secure, remote virtual web using WebEx Meeting.  Participants to hearings can utilize any device with a camera and microphone with access to the internet.  In the future, when some restrictions regarding in-person get-togethers are lifted in the District of Columbia and at the discretion of the ALJ, AHD hearings may be heard in the courtrooms located in Suite 4400 at 4058 Minnesota Avenue, NE, Washington, DC.