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Financial Literacy Month

The Department of Employment Services, Office of Workforce and Federal Programs, in partnership with current financial literacy partners, will provide weekly public workshops throughout the month in recognition of “National Financial Literacy Month.” Nationally, financial literacy month is recognized for the entire month of April with a targeted week of activities during the week of April 10 through April 17, 2021.  

The financial literacy workshops will provide financial education and information to access products that will help District residents address and overcome financial barriers.  Participants will develop an understanding of financial management; as well as learn about making better financial decisions, homeownership, budgeting, credit repair and managing their financial resources more effectively.


Cultivating Healthy Financial Habits in our Children/Workshop: This is a workshop on educating our young children on personal finance. The workshop will cover financial values, wants and needs, introduction to saving, financial influences, entrepreneurship, and how to create a SMART goal. Things needed: internet, computer to access PowerPoint.

Credit Building: This is a workshop on understanding credit: how to establish credit, how to build on credit, and how to maintain a healthy credit score. Things needed: internet, computer to access PowerPoint.

Budgeting 101 Group Coaching:  Customers will be taught on the subject of budgeting and then provided with a budgeting form, expense reduction form, and a goal form. Each customer will construct their budget, scrub their to budget to find money to save or pay down debt, and then create a goal. Things needed: internet, computer to access PowerPoint.