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Program Applicant FAQ's

Q: Who is the DC Career Connections program for?
A: DC Career Connections is a transitional employment program for disconnected young adults between the ages of 20-24 who are having trouble finding employment because of a multitude of barriers. Individuals from the 507, 602, 604, 702, and 705 Police Service Areas (PSAs) are prioritized for enrollment. You can find out what PSA you live in by using this tool. 

Q: What are the eligibility requirements?
A: To be eligible for DC Career Connections, an applicant must be between 20 and 24 years of age, a District resident, unemployed, not enrolled in school, not receiving TANF or Unemployment benefits, and must demonstrate a substantial need for intensive employment assistance.

Q: How do I enroll in the program?
A: DC Career Connections has rolling admissions with orientations held each month. Attending an orientation session is mandatory to participate in DC Career Connections. Eligible youth can RSVP for an orientation session by emailing [email protected] or visiting the DC Career Connections office in suite 2000 at Department of Employment Services headquarters at 4058 Minnesota Ave., NE.

Q: How much does the program pay participants?
A: DC Career Connections pays participants a training wage of $9 per hour while they are enrolled in the program. Participants are able to work up to 40 hours per week. 

Q: What is the program’s drug policy?
A: DC Career Connections participants must take a drug test before being enrolled in the program and then three weeks later at the completion of Job Readiness Training. If the first or second tests come back positive for any drug except Marijuana the individual will be referred to the Department of Behavioral Services’ Addiction Prevention & Recovery Administration and will be invited to retake the urinalysis and re-enroll in the program at a later time. If the individual tests positive for only Marijuana during their first test, their rates must decrease by the second test in order to stay in the program. 

Q: Does DC Career Connections guarantee me a job?
A: No, DC Career Connections connects participants to employment and training opportunities. It is up to participants to use those opportunities to secure permanent unsubsidized employment. 

Q: Can I do the program more than once?
A: If you have completed the program in the past two years you may not re-enroll in DC Career Connections. If you started the program, but did not finish, please call (202) 698-5599 and ask to speak with a DC Career Connections Intake Specialist to determine if you are eligible to re-enroll.