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American Job Centers- Frequently Asked Questions

What is the American Job Center Partner System?

The District of Columbia (District) American Job Center system partners with a variety of governmental, educational and community-based entities that help customers find employment or become “job-ready.”  The system is designed to provide “one-stop” access to information and direct referrals to career-related resources in a seamless manner – which relieves customers of the necessity of searching for such programs on their own.  American Job Center partners include public and private facilities, educational and training programs, labor market information, health and rehabilitative services, social services, as well as federal and local government agencies.  In some cases, essential service partners are “co-located” within the American Job Center itself.  American Job Center partnerships are also a required element according to law.

Who are the District’s American Job Center Partners and what do they do?

How Do I Connect with an American Job Center System Partner?

Any customer who interacts with an American Job Center, either by visiting a center or via the Internet, will be asked a series of questions that help assess their interests and level of need for assistance with employment, training, social services, or education.  Amerian Job Center system staff and its partners will review the customer’s responses and a referral will be made.  Partners will adhere to the following policy on service referrals:

  1. Each customer will receive a written referral form containing, at a minimum, the date, time and place of the appointment and the name of the staff person to see.
  2. All appointments will be scheduled within three working days unless there are extenuating circumstances why it cannot take place.
  3. The individual arranging the appointment will follow up within two working days of the scheduled appointment date to determine the results of the referral and record the results in DCNetworks.
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American Job Center
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