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Apprenticeship DC

The next, D.C Youth Apprenticeship Advisory Council (YAAC) Meeting and D.C Apprenticeship Council (DCAC) Meeting will be held on July 30th. All meetings occur bi-monthly, for additional information or access to the upcoming meeting please email Lewis Brown at [email protected] .

A key issue facing cities today is the skills gap between those seeking employment and available jobs. On September 6, 2017, DOES launch “ApprenticeshipDC” to better connect employers, government resources, and workforce programming to DC residents. Driven by the Mayor’s vision to make sure all of our residents have equal access to job opportunities, ApprenticeshipDC will further expand the apprenticeship model in the District in both traditional and non-traditional industries that include IT, healthcare, cyber-security and infrastructure (energy efficiency technology, utility, and transportation).  DOES efforts will include leveraging registered apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship grants to current and potential apprenticeship sponsors which will expand apprenticeship opportunities to District residents in traditional and non-traditional industries.

Featured Companies

Simple Technology Solutions (STS)

Simple Technology Solutions is providing a one-year IT apprenticeship program that will prepare seven students for a career in Cloud Technology. STS will offer training for one cohort. Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship program, students will continue unsubsidized employment with STS or be placed in employment with an IT employer partner.

WDC Solar is providing a 6-month pre-apprenticeship training program that will prepare 12 students for a career in solar installation. WDC will offer training for two cohorts. Students who successfully complete the pre-apprenticeship training will transition to available apprenticeship programs or unsubsidized employment.

Community Services Agency of the Metropolitan Washington Council AFLCIO

Community Services Agency is providing a three-month pre-apprenticeship training program that will prepare 20 students for apprenticeship opportunities in building trades. CSA will offer training for four cohorts. Students who successfully complete the pre-apprenticeship training will be accepted and placed in registered apprenticeships with local building trades unions. 

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