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Job Search, Made Simple

The Department of Employee Services offers opportunities for you to gain the skills to excel in a rewarding career. The team guides job seekers through the search—from application to interview to the hiring. Friendly staff offer insight into local and regional employment trends. With a finger on the pulse of the community, the team equips you with the skills and resources to identify employment opportunities using the following:

1. Internet access to employment sites
2. Networking opportunities
3. Resume posting
4. Employment referrals

For practical advice on the District's employment and unemployment services, visit DCNetworks, a virtual one-stop network for access to information about jobs, training and workforce support throughout the District. DCNetworks connects agencies, programs and services electronically to help employers and individuals make the right decisions for future success.

DCNetworks has everything you need to find a better job or advance your career 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can search for job openings in your community, create specialized resumes to apply for jobs online, learn about careers that are in high demand, find occupational training opportunities and file for unemployment insurance.

Go to DCNetworks for practical advice on the District’s employment and unemployment services.  If you are looking for other job leads, click on these links to employment websites to find jobs locally and throughout the United States.

Finding a job takes time and persistence. Taking advantage of resources like the American Job Centers is an important first step. But to find and get that job offer, you must actively pursue your next job as if it were your current job.

Tips on Making the Most Out of Your Job Search


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