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Pathways for Young Adults Program

The Pathways for Young Adults Program (PYAP)

The Pathways for Young Adults Program is designed to assist out-of-school and out-of-work District residents ages 18-24 by combining occupational training, life skills development and work readiness instructions to connect them back to the world of work successfully.  The three areas of occupational training include allied health, administrative Services and basic IT/Admin. Tech. 
Through PYAP, we strive to provide youth with the opportunity to:

  • Gain meaningful work experience through a paid internship; 
  • Learn and develop skills, attitudes and commitment necessary to succeed in today’s world of work; while interacting with dynamic working professionals in a positive work environment.;
  • Receive occupational training necessary to gain a nationally recognized credential within the specialized field of interest.

 Recruitment and Enrollment
 The Pathways for Young Adults Program operates in a cohort format. Specific dates are provided to each participant /vendor as the participant matriculates through all phases. For more information contact: [email protected].

Program Structure
The PYAP is designed for youth to combine occupational training and work-readiness instruction to connect youth to meaningful industry-oriented work experience. Youth will be assigned to an internship with an approved employer. Youth must commit to work between 25-40 hours per week throughout all phases of the program. 

Phase I: Occupational Training 
Phase II: Work Readiness 
Phase III: Internship Experience 

Some phases operate concurrently depending on the provider and industry

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