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Employer Services

Services and programs provided for employers working within the District of Columbia.

Workers’ Compensation - processes claims and monitors the payment of benefits to injured private-sector employees in the District of Columbia. Disputes between claimants and employers (or their insurance carriers) are mediated and employers are monitored to ensure compliance with insurance coverage requirements.

Wage-Hour - enforces the District of Columbia wage-hour laws for the benefit of private-sector employees, ensuring that employees are paid at least the mandated minimum wage, overtime (when required) and all earned and promised wages. 

Administrative Hearings Division - conducts formal administrative workers’ compensation hearings for private- and public-sector employees and employers in the District of Columbia so that rights and responsibilities are determined fairly, promptly and according to due process. 

Compensation Review Board - provides a legally-mandated administrative review of case decisions (compensation orders and final orders) issued by the Hearings and Adjudication and/or the Workers’ Compensation Program. 

Occupational Safety and Health - provides onsite consultation services to private-sector employers in the District of Columbia. Also, employers are assisted in establishing and maintaining a safety and health management program that ensures, to the maximum extent possible, a safe, healthful work environment for employees.

District of Columbia Employee Information and Employer Posting Requirements 

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