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Tipped Workers Coordinating Council

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, February 6, 2024 | 10AM – 11AM
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Tipped Workers Coordinating Council Mission  
The Council's purpose is to improve coordination and functioning of the wage policies for tipped workers through well established and continuous development of strong relationships with decision-makers in the District of Columbia.  Through a coordinated effort, members will engage in the enforcement of the District's tip law, industry and business sectors coordination and support sound pay practices,  as well as solid government partnerships to ensure workers are paid the legal wage. The Council, in coordination with DOES, will strengthen public policy through partnerships across sectors, eliminate wage theft within the workplace, raise awareness and educate the public about the rights of tipped workers.
Current members:
  1. Department of Employment Services – Daniel King
  2. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs – VACANT
  3. The Office of Human Rights – Larry Villegas-Perez
  4. The Office of Nightlife and Culture – Salima Khalid
  5. The Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington – Andrew Klein
  6. The Hotel Association of Washington, DC – Lisa Abrams
  7. Two representatives, appointed by the Mayor, from District-based organizations that engage in policy or advocacy for tipped workers:
    1. Jaryd Spann, Chairperson
    2. Tracy Javier
  8. Three representatives, appointed by the Chairman of the Council:
    1. Two representatives from District-based organizations that engage in policy or advocacy for tipped workers:
      1. Zachary Hoffman
      2. VACANT
  9. One representative shall be an employer that employs an employee who is paid in accordance with § 32-1003(f), but is not part of the restaurant or hotel industry. - VACANT